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4 Princess Movies on Netflix to Honor the New Royal Baby

It’s a girl! In honor of the latest addition to the royal family, here are the four best princess movies on Netflix to help you celebrate the royal baby across the pond without leaving your bed:

Look at that face! 


1. The Princess Diaries 1 & 2

The Princess Diaries series will forever be some of the best and most relatable films. Anne Hathaway stars as a regular girl who finds out she is a princess and will inherit the throne.

Admit it, we all wanted to be Mia Thermopolis! 


2. The Prince & Me

If you’re in a mood for a romantic comedy this one is perfect. Paige Morgan meets Denmark’s Prince Edvard, who abandons his royal duties to attend college in America. 

This movie teaches us you can find love where you least expect it – even a college campus!


3. The Princess Protection Program

This is a great throwback, mostly because dream team best friends Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the stars.

Who wouldn’t want a princess as their best friend? Let’s hope the new royal baby has amazing friendships like this one!


4. William & Kate 

This Lifetime Original Movie reveals how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s blossoming friends turned into every girl’s fairytale.

What better way to celebrate a new addition to their family than watching how it all began?


Welcome to the world royal baby!


– Your neighbors across the pond.

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