10 Ways to Make Your Roommate Smile

Roommates can potentially be the magical combination of friend and family. Sharing a living space introduces a whole new dynamic of balancing mutual respect with a whole lot of fun. Whether you are barely able to tolerate your roommate, or never leave their side, there are ways on this list that you can successfully bring a smile to your roomie's face, and hopefully strengthen your relationship as a whole. 

1. Surprise her with an unwinding party- aka two face masks, some nice smelling foot cream, nail polish, and a relaxing background music playlist. To up your game, consider buying sparkling cider and peanut M&M's.

2. Take out the trash. It probably needs to be done. Don't wait until its overflowing or she decides to do it herself.  

3. Clean the room and bathroom. I don't mean pick up your things. I mean get down on your hands and knees and scrub the trim. It gets very nasty very quickly. 

4. Does she look extra nice today? Suggest an impromptu photo-shoot. Take enough pics to highlight every pose, angle, candid moment, and smile. If she isn't big on posting to social media, pick out your favorite shot together and write a roommate appreciation post yourself!

5. Make a photo-book online. Fill it with your favorite memories via captions and pictures. This is an affordable yet long-lasting and adorable way to show your love. Have even more time? Make a scrapbook. That way you can include souvenirs and extra items like ticket stubs.

6. Pay her way. Whether you're ordering pizza or spending the night bowling, offer to pay every once in a while. We may all be broke college kids, but it's an occasional way to say "I appreciate you."

7. Slip a note or affirmation such as "you've got this" or "have an amazing day" into her coat pocket or backpack. It will be a nice surprise and reminder that someone is mentally cheering her on even when she's physically alone. 

8. Send her all the memes. Or funny videos. Whichever is more her speed. They not only spark laughter but are also great conversation starters.

9. Put down your screens/homework and dedicate time to just being together. It shows you prioritize and care about her. While she has your attention, really listen to what's going on in her life. Making mental notes of things as simple as her new favorite song can lead to future thoughtful gestures. 10. Take care of her. I'm not suggesting you let your roommate survive off of you and your things. You are not her parent. But offer her a spritz of your perfume she loves so much before her big date. If she's feeling sick, be there to pick up her tea up from Starbucks. Living with a roommate means you don't have to go through life alone. Hopefully she will reciprocate when you need her as well.