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10 Reasons Why Olivia Has to Go

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

The Bachelor 2016: It’s all about the Ben. But let’s be honest, it’s also all about the contestants. And one in particular is making this season’s Bachelor all about the Olivia. We just want Ben to find true love, but it’s hard to watch when he might be falling for the wrong girl. So here’s 10 reasons why Olivia Caridi on The Bachelor needs to go.



2.     Her legs are perfect, by the way.

She literally has nothing to worry about, and the fact that she’s bringing it up around Ben to conjure up sympathy or have some sort of “deep/meaningful” conversation is just annoying. Her legs are beautiful, and she just needs to stop.

3.     She tries to get into the other girl’s heads.

Okay, sure, she’s here to win, but really? Each and every girl on this show is falling HARD for the same guy. Emotions are at stake. Hearts are ready to break. And Olivia is NOT helping by undermining the other girls’ confidence and self-esteem.

4.     Her mouth is meant for a Honeycomb commercial, not The Bachelor.

There’s a Twitter dedicated to her mouth. There’s a Facebook worshipping her mouth. When you type in Olivia Caridi to Google, the first option that pops up is Olivia Caridi’s mouth.

5.     She overanalyzes all of Ben’s action.

According to Olivia, the way Ben touches her waist means they have an unspoken communication of true love…because it’s not like he grabs 15 other girls’ waists in the exact same way or anything.

6.     She just needs to go.

Need I say more?

7.     Now that Lace is gone, she’s the new drama queen.

We were all praising the Lord and clapping our hands when Lace decided to leave, but now that she’s gone, Olivia seems to be filling her big, fat drama queen shoes.

8.     First impression roses hardly EVER win.

Okay…ignore last season, but it’s true!

9.     She ALWAYS steals Ben first.

And the most annoying part is that half the time she already has a rose! So she’s just taking unnecessary time away from other girls who really need it.

10.  She’s already calling Ben her husband.

And let’s be real, that’s just creepy.

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Rachael Balcom

Cal Lutheran

Rachael is a Cal Lutheran junior and communication major also following the premed track. Originally from San Diego, she enjoys juggling, well-buttered popcorn, and writing about unpopular opinions.
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