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An Open Letter To the Hopeful Intern

Dear Applicant,

As interns, we’ve all been where you are right now.

Your legs are crossed in your fitted black pantsuit with matching Calvin Klein heels and Michael Kors watch polished.  You’re punctual yet torn by the free time because you don’t want to be tempted to answer the “good luck” texts from mom as they vibrate in your purse.  Your resume is in hand as you go over your elevator speech in your head.

Trying to put a face to the voice, you remember your phone screening. Your recruiter should be picking you up from the lobby and taking you to your interview any minute now. 

Would she be impressed by you? Are you qualified for this internship? Are you prepared for the questions they will ask?  How many people have interviewed for this position? Have they already made a decision? Are you just wasting your time?

These questions have all raced through our minds before too. 

So, what’s the answer?


Companies inquire for interns because they need some extra help and they have the employees who want to teach.  Internships are competitive and they can make or break a resume, but interns are people too. 

Interviews stress interns out because they think they won’t know the answer.  But, as an intern, it is guaranteed that you won’t.  Going into an internship with a mindset that you will learn as much as you contribute is the best way to view any professional experience.

Be yourself.  Your resume was good enough to land you time with a supervisor so be confident. Sell your skill-set and highlight on what you know works best for you. Don’t be intimidated by others, you got here on your own and you deserve it.

Finally, if you land the job, which we know you will—be proud, but don’t take it for granted.  Meet all the people you can and ask them about their experiences. You will be so inspired by the passion in their eyes when they talk about what they love that it will solidify all your hard work and long hours in the library. Ask questions and step in whenever you can. Make the most of your internship. Leave your mark as the intern no one will ever forget (because obviously you want to be hired full-time).


The intern before you

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