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you want me to be comfortable. 


Comfortable in my own skin,

yet you don’t want to be seen with me.

between the endless media-driven lifestyle,

and reality,

I just want to be appreciated

for my whole, genuine self.


Comfortable in shelter.

you want me to live with those I love, 

but they do not seem to want the same. 

everyone has someone, 

I have –


Comfortable with friends doing their own thing. 

those I call friends say they want the same for me; 

they want me to be happy and comfortable with myself

they say they want my thoughts and emotions to be heard

they say they will support me in times of need,

yet, when I need them most, 

they flee. 


you want me to be comfortable,

but don’t allow me to be. 

Addie Barnes

C of C '23

just a small town girl, taking on the world one day at a time
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