Why We Need a Sleep Revolution According to Grey's Anatomy

As college students, we often fall behind on sleep. Choosing to stay up all night studying for an exam, staying out with friends, or even just by staying connected to our phones 24/7 can all have a negative effect on our sleep. We have so many things to do that sleep gets put on the backburner.  


Every college student knows this struggle. With limited time, how will we choose what to do? Sleep is put last on our very long agenda as a busy college student. Like the doctors at Grey Sloan, we prioritize everything else before sleep.


Sleep deprivation can turn us into someone we don’t like. We get mean and snap at those we love all because we are running on empty.


Early morning classes get harder and harder, and your academics suffer because of it.


You try to pay attention in class, but you’re simply too tired to focus on anything but going back to bed.


You try to wake yourself up with coffee, but it’s never enough.

By the end of the day, you’re just so done.


And the thought of having to do it all again makes you want to cry


So like the Greys doctors we all love, we find sleep anywhere and anyway we can.


Let’s break the cycle. We’re tired of being tired all the time, right? We need a sleep revolution.


In Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington expands on her own personal experience with sleep deprivation and gives the answers for prioritizing sleep to get back your education, work, and social life. The book was inspired by her experience when she passed out due to exhaustion and realized how our society truly doesn’t value sleep.


You can join the #SleepRevolution by purchasing your own copy of the book! "The Sleep Revolution" is available anywhere where books are sold. You can also keep up with Arianna Huffington and her awesome advice by following her @ariannahuffington. Remember, "A good day starts the night before."