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Why Online School is Actually Better

Are you thinking to yourself “whoever wrote this article is absolutely insane?” I would have totally agreed with you at the beginning of the semester, but then I adjusted. Being a senior and having school online is definitely not the best-case scenario, but I have grown to enjoy the Zoom lifestyle. Hear me out.

Every morning, I can sleep until one minute before class if I choose to. Do you remember when we had to wake up an hour before class, get ready for school, then walk across campus? Me neither. But actually, you can’t deny how amazing it is to wake up and just be in class from my bed! Also, I look like a legit troll, but so does everyone else. 

I swear that online school allows me to do so much more in my day than when we were in-person. Now, I can be on Zoom on my phone as I walk with my dog. Could you do that in-person? Nope!

Let’s talk about how much time I spend with my dog now. I would say it is nearing a concerning amount of time, and I miss her constantly if we are apart. Unhealthy? Maybe. I love it though. 

Even though I don’t see my friends in a classroom anymore, I now see them at a cafe, park, or dinner! I would say that beats an old room with a barely-functioning air conditioner, anyway. 

Yes, online school is definitely harder because there is so much more work, but I really appreciate the flexibility that comes with it!

Hey, my name is Molly! I am a Senior at the College of Charleston and am majoring in English. I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, but absolutely love the warm weather here! I spend most of my time nannying or reading Betches.
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