Why I am Taking a Break From Social Media

This week I decided I needed a break from social media. I uninstalled Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Bumble, and Twitter and made sure my essential people had my phone number. My roommates looked at me like I was insane, but it felt like a massive weight off of my shoulders. 

Since I have been back in Charleston, I’ve realized I used Instagram to degrade myself, telling myself that I will never be as pretty as those girls, or will never have a relationship because I am too fat. Snapchat kept me up at night when my crush left me on read yet snapped my roommate and hit on her for the rest of the night. Tinder and Bumble would sometimes make me feel good when I got compliments, but generally, I was just disappointed that the guy I found cute didn’t swipe right.

It all hit me one night. Why am I crying over stupid stuff? Why am I crying because I don’t have another girl’s figure or because I wish I could keep up with other people? It was ridiculous of me. That is when I deleted every app that ever made me cry, get upset, or stressed over silly things. Social media can become so straining on us as we wait to get that response, get left on read and feel like we were punched in the stomach, or even just see someone post a story when they couldn’t text us back. I reached an all-time low when I had to check Snap maps to make sure I was not being ignored.

Sometimes we need to step back and remember that perfect humans don’t exist. Instead of talking to the people around me, I would hide in my phone and text 1 or 2 people I knew would always respond to me. Instead of appreciating my nice figure and how beautiful I am, I would change my diet in any way possible. I would do any crazy workout to look like the girls of Instagram. I stepped back from social media for my mental health, and I challenge you to do so, too.