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“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” – Best of Life

I wanted to believe that I was the type of person who thrived on using only the inspiration from within. That my personal convictions and hopes were enough to power me through even the most dreary of days. However, I am not that kind of person. I need a little more help.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” B.B. King

My imagination may be boundless, but it is the external inspiration that gives me structure. Think of it like a coloring book – the original picture is lovely, but when color is added the picture can be magical. Throughout the ages of society, the idea of balance is ever recurring – opposites attract, day and night, good and evil. I applied that same concept of duality to my own life, and I was overcome with relief at the weight of negativity that was lifted off my shoulders.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

Now, I am quenched by unlimited inspiration that supports me always because I am accessing resources outside of myself. For me, external inspiration is the sound of a friend’s laugh, the weight of a lover’s arm around my shoulder, a song by Kate Voegele that takes me back to marathons of One Tree Hill, a cliché Pinterest quote, or even art on a bathroom stall. Okay, especially art on a bathroom stall! Thank you, mystery 2nd floor Maybank poet.

“Instead of waiting for someone else to bring you flowers, plant your own garden and decorate your soul.” – Anonymous bathroom artist

It is not a failure to seek positivity outside of yourself. Interior inspiration that comes from within is so pure, but external inspiration is endless. Don’t shield yourself from the majesty of the world around you. Standing alone is not the only way to show strength. Rather, it is the ability to receive and give love. That is the true test of inspiration and strength. An act that can power societies and develop education. The circle of life is reflective of the circular chain of inspiration.

“I inspire you, to inspire me, so we can inspire each other.” – Desi

All that I am saying is that for the longest time I relied only on my inner strength to provide inspiration, and the main result was a very drained me. So, go explore whether online or outside to discover what sets your soul alight and inspires you to never give up. Because ‘never giving up’ is the only accomplishment that counts!

A woman with a gypsy soul and the desire to describe the world around her!
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