What I've Learned as a Grand Big

Each year in a sorority, you add new family members. You start out as the little, young and excited to be a part of the family. Then as you get older, you get your own little (or two!) and become a big yourself. As time goes on and we get older and older, we get a new role and new family members. When I got the call from my little that I was a grandbig, not only to one amazing girl but to TWO, I felt a rush of emotions! So excited about the new additions but also scared that I was now a grandbig!


Come reveal day, I knew these additions were not only the perfect fit for our family but completed us in a way we hadn’t even known we needed. These grandlittles of mine have taught me so much …

Enjoy the little things.

Never forget to slow down and enjoy life. Whether it’s dancing it out or stopping to smell the flowers, don’t let the stress of college overwhelm you.  Live a little and don’t forget to laugh!! My grandlittles remind me every time I see them to stop what I’m doing and relax. Their youthfulness is contagious.


What it means to be a role model.

The amount of people you have looking up to you when you become a grandbig doubles, and it’s a big responsibility. You have to set a good example for them.

Family is forever.

They will always be there for you. The bond you have as a family is different; if you do it right it truly lasts for life. You can always count on them.

Jealousy is pointless.

There’s enough love to go around. It’s just silly to get jealous over anyone, life is too short. Especially don’t get jealous when your little pays more attention to her own littles than you, it just means you taught her well on how to be a big. Besides, it’s all a part of the circle of (sorority) life.

Capture every memory.

Let’s be real, you’re getting older and running out of time. My grandlittles make me realize I better savor the moment while it lasts, because it won’t be here forever. Soon, you'll be out of college and moving on to bigger and better things. So while I’m here with them, you better believe we’ll be taking as many pictures as possible!

You need them to cheer you up.

And at times, there’s no one better suited for the job. They’re young, full of positivity, and super enthusiastic about your sorority. When you need someone to breathe life back into you, they are the one to go to.

You always have people in your corner.

Your family would do anything for you.  Being a grandbig, I learned that I can trust these girls with anything and have grown so much in the process. It’s amazing knowing you can 100% depend on a group of girls.

To cherish your bond as sisters.

You are lucky to have each other, and no matter what you are blessed with them.

Share this article with your grandlittles and tell them how much you love them, because as LC said “You don’t get that many people in your life that you can just tell anything to.”