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Every year during the fall season I become very homesick. It’s an odd feeling for me since I never really felt it since I came to college and I believe it might have to do with all the moves I have gone through as a child. Home is a strange concept to me. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Akron, Ohio back in 2012 and Ohio was the longest place I’ve lived in my life. It is where all my family and friends lived, where I grew up there and where have the greatest memories. So, every fall I become homesick for Ohio and what it means to me. While the definition for homesick is, “experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it,” that isn’t what I experience. I become homesick for different reasons. While I do get homesick for that place because I miss my family and my friends, I miss Ohio for the weather and the feeling of autumn that surrounds me when I’m there. So, here is a list of things and places that I miss most about Ohio during the fall season.



The crisp weather from the months of September to November are the best. I love the feeling of the slight chill in the air as I drink a hot chocolate. Even better, the fact that I can wear super warm and fuzzy sweaters.


The Foliage 

The best thing without a doubt about fall in Ohio is the leaves changing colors during this time of year. It is my most favorite thing about Ohio and I miss it so much since I have moved. 

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The Farms

I miss the farms and how they decorate their property with decorations and how they are surrounded by all the colorful trees. Also, how they open to the public for pumpkin patches and corn mazes. I’ll go into greater detail about my favorite farms in Ohio.


Football Season

I know we can get football everywhere during the fall, but nothing is better than watching the annual Ohio State vs. Michigan game every November. If you are a Buckeye or Wolverine (sadly) fan, then you understand me.  

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Ohio gets a bad rep, but it is a very beautiful state with amazing parks and hiking trails where you can admire the scenery and the colored leaves on the trees. 


Luther’s Farm and Szalay’s Farm

These are places where those from Northeast Ohio would know about. I lived in front on Luther’s Farm and every October my family and I would go there to see the petting zoo, pick out pumpkins, ride the hayride and watch the shoot pumpkins out of their “pumpkin shooter.” Szalays was a farm is in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It’s a popular place and most popular for their corn, so of course, they have a large corn maze that’s fun to get lost in. 

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Hale Farm and Village

Another farm in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It is a historical farm, which is partly why I love this farm. The land was purchased by Jonathan Hale in 1810 and was worked on and lived in by three generations of Hale’s. It’s a beautiful place and surrounded by forests. A notable thing they do, is they let you step into history and you can see what life was life on the farm during the 19thand 20thcenturies. 

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West Side Market

Generally popular during the Christmas season, it is a popular market in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a tight and busy market where local, and mostly ethnic families sell their goods. It never disappoints and has remarkable food. The only place I don’t favor is the fish section of the market. 

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