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What to Do When You Have No Time for Leg Day

For college students, it can be so easy to let working out fall to the side. When you go straight from class to your job to doing your homework, sometimes fitting in a whole workout just isn’t possible. But if you want to exercise your legs and glutes, here are a few easy things you can incorporate into everyday life:


Make the decision to take the dreaded stairs. Everyone has heard of this little change, and it may seem cliche and pointless, but if you do it properly you can see some results. I know walking up four floors to your chem lab, six to your dorm room, and three in the library seems unnecessary because we have these amazing elevators, right? But you can make every staircase you come across a workout. Focus on the flexing and release of each step and working the longer muscles. Try skipping a step or two to work on legs and cardio all at once!

Laundry and Lunges

While not everyone likes exercising, nobody likes doing laundry. Laundry is a huge time commitment, so do them together to get it over with.  Wherever you do your laundry, set everything up on opposite sides of the room. For example, have the laundry, soap, and clothes across the room from the machine. Or when you are folding and hanging up your clothes, set the clean basket on the opposite side of the room from your closet. Why set them up across from each other? So you can lunge your way across the room. Lunges actually build the booty and legs better than squats, so finding ways to sneak these in everyday makes a huge difference.

Sit Up Straight

Another cliche, but your posture really does affect everything. Sitting up straight strengthens your core and forces you to use all your muscles to maintain the position. It might also make you look and feel more confident!

Pre-Bathroom Break

This one is weird, but stick with me…I know no one wants to talk about what goes on in the bathroom, but there are stalls and the average person uses the restroom about 6 to 10 times a day. If you do 5 to 10 squats right before you use the bathroom, that’s 30 to 100 squats a day. Plus, it’s a very private place and doesn’t take long, so it’s a great way to keep yourself intentionally moving throughout your busy day.

Post-Bathroom Break

You can also do 5 to 10 squats right after you use the bathroom, adding 30 to 100 more squats a day. Once you get in the routine of doing it before, why not double it right after. Yes, this one is weird, but it’s a quick, easy way to rack up some needed squats.

Skip the Uber

Luckily, living on campus or near campus makes it much easier to walk everywhere. If you do drive, then park at the top of the parking garage or as far as you can to add cardio to your everyday. Always get those steps in!

Use Obstacles to Your Advantage

Try looking at life’s little obstacles as chances for little accomplishments! Instead of changing your route to avoid a hill, take it head-on. Instead of using a chair to climb into your elevated bed, try jumping– with proper form, of course.

Pace While on the Phone

When scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever, walk around to get your steps in. We’re all on our phone constantly, so you might as well make it productive!

It can be easy to forget about exercising when we have such busy schedules, but there are simple, easy ways to fit in the work. But remember, it’s okay to skip leg day, too. If you don’t feel up for working out, don’t beat yourself up over it– self-love comes first!

Freshman at C of C with two jobs, a double major of Pre-Med and International Studies. Loves health and wellness for success.
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