What COVID-19 is Teaching Us

I never thought I would go to the store and see entire aisles empty because everyone's stocking up. I never thought I would have to stay at least 6 feet away from others to prevent spreading the disease. Hanging out with a friend is more difficult than ever. Everything we do on a daily basis is now almost impossible with this pandemic before us. Our basic necessities are sold out in stores. Many states are under a stay-home order. It’s basically an apocalypse outside. But we must think of the positive side of things. COVID-19 might be a disastrous outbreak, but is also teaching us new things about ourselves. 

Schools are being closed and taught online now and my heart goes out to the seniors especially, but also any grade. We are all adapting to e-learning and living at home. For the high school seniors who missed prom, senior pranks, sleepovers, graduation, etc., this is the time to be creative. I’ve seen people doing a prom with their family or graduation on Minecraft. It’s terrible that there might not be a ceremony for your success, but you still did it! Don’t forget that. 

The practice of self-care is at an all-time high right now while we are stuck at home. We are learning more and more about ourselves by being alone than ever before. Reading books, scrapbooking, drawing, playing around with makeup, dancing -- it’s all allowing us to find new hobbies. We are able to take some time to breathe and appreciate everything we took for granted. 

Due to the circumstances going on in our world, we are growing each day even if it doesn’t seem like it. There’s always a bright side in everything. And when this is all over, we will be even better versions of ourselves.