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Hello loves! It’s midterm season, and that means everything’s going haywire. If I wasn’t already busy before, I sure am now. Going home for the hurricane, only to end up having to help break down a fallen tree, having deadlines on Wednesday, and having a huge test I’m rather ill-prepared for looming up today. As fun as all that is, I haven’t had much time to enjoy the fall season. 

I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin-flavored foods or drinks, and I’ve noticed around here that’s about all that changes. It gets a little windy, but not really that cold, and the trees remain green and full of leaves. There’s really no big hint that fall is approaching, or it’s arriving upon us. Living in an area like this has been messing with my perception of time passing. I doubt the trees will even die in the winter when that rolls around. I’m used to a clear difference in seasons where I’m from, and while this isn’t terribly different, it’s enough to leave me confused.

I’ve heard brief mentions of fall activities like mazes, or the mention of pumpkins, but I can’t say I have too many plans to partake in anything fun. As busy as I am with school, work, and an internship, I’m barely having time to write these. The only thing I plan to enjoy is a Halloween party if I end up getting invited to one. I’ve heard nothing about those plans either, and I wonder if we’ve all really outgrown such events, or if I’m just not in the right groups to experience them. 

I will say I’m looking forward to seeing if my dorm is decorated as the season changes draw closer. I certainly hope so! Tiny bits of decor are always so cute. I’m waiting eagerly to see if any other students are just as excited to add a touch of fall spirits to their room decor as I am. 

That’s all for now! Good luck with your tests!

Bryn Keeffe

C of C '26

Hello! My name is Bryn, and I'm a marketing and arts management major from the College of Charleston.