Wantable is Exactly What You Need

One fitness subscription box I am currently trying out is Wantable. They send you seven pieces of work-out clothes that you can choose to buy or send back if you don't want it. You fill out questions about fitting and sizes and then explain what you’re interested in trying (sports bras, leggings, tanks, etc.). After that, you pick your price range from $30-$80+ with a $20 styling fee but with FREE shipping!!! One thing I really enjoy about this process is that you can set the frequency at which you get new boxes, whether it be every month, every other month, or seasonally. 

The subscription box arrives relatively quickly after your styling process is complete. The customer service is really fast and easy. You can email, call, or even text for all of you with phone anxiety. 

The box comes with a pamphlet listing the prices of the pieces you've been sent. For your convenience, they provide an already pre-paid package to send back the clothes you don't want.  The choosing process is also straightforward. You go to your account and go through the list of items you’ve been sent and select the ones you want to keep. You fill out a couple of questions about why you like the ones you're buying and why you don't like the ones you're sending back. You can also have the option to exchange for a different size if you really like it, but it just doesn't fit right. 

With each box you are sent, you fill out your style edits, which is basically like what works for you in terms of clothing, what your workout style is, etc. 

If you are on a budget or you don’t like subscription boxes, I have always been super impressed with Target brands of workout clothes. You truly can never go wrong with Target.