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Vegan Thanksgiving?? Yes Please.

If some of your goals this Thanksgiving are to save some animals, help negate that post-Thanksgiving indigestion, flex your cooking skills, and prove to your critical relatives the vegan food is BOMB, then, my friends, you have found the right article. 

(All photos and recipes belong to Minimalist Baker, AKA the Queen Vegan Goddess) 

Appetizer: Pumpkin Sage Biscuits

Minimalist Baker is known for amazing vegan recipes that are also relatively simple to make. These biscuits are just like non-vegan biscuits; the only substitution is almond milk and vegan butter in place of dairy-based milk and butter. These are definitely going to be number one on my list this Thanksgiving because… PUMPKIN SAGE BISCUITS?? Can’t get better than that. Here’s the recipe

Appetizer: The Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic Thanksgiving dish, and vegan-izing them is super easy because all you really need to do is use vegan butter instead of regular butter. They still taste bomb and super creamy, all without dairy. Magical. Try it out here.

Main: One-Hour Vegan Shepard’s Pie

If you’ve never had Shepard’s Pie before, get on this because it is one of my all-time favorite meals. Savory, flavorful lentils topped with creamy mashed potatoes. God-tier. Since this is a main dish, it takes a little longer to make, but still remains relatively easy. Here’s the recipe; enjoy.

Main: Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes 

As Michelle Obama once said, “Sweet Potato.” Do I need to say more? Sweet potatoes are freaking delicious, super healthy, a Thanksgiving staple, and Michelle Obama’s favorite fall vegetable. (I really just love Michelle Obama). Anyway, this recipe puts a twist on the traditional sweet potato dish, as these are baked and then topped with roasted chickpeas, homemade garlic-herb sauce, and parsley tomato salad. My stomach is already rumbling.

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie Parfaits

I actually made these last Thanksgiving while hosting a Friendsgiving for all my people. They were spectacular and everyone loved them- vegans and non-vegans alike. Thick and creamy pumpkin, coconut whipped cream, and roasted cinnamon granola… spectacular. Just make sure you grab one as soon as you’re done making them because I can guarantee they will not last. 

Dessert: The Best Vegan Apple Crisp

This recipe is a little more time-consuming than previous ones, but if you’re an apple lover like me, it is definitely worth the energy. This recipe is a lot better than store-bought apple pie as all the ingredients are incredibly fresh and really make a difference in the finished product. Top with coconut whipped cream or vegan vanilla ice cream and it’s the perfect fall treat. Recipe here. 

Drink: 5 Minute Vegan Hot Cocoa

To wrap up Thanksgiving with the perfect drink, check out this easy vegan hot chocolate (one of my all-time favs). All you need is some almond milk cocoa powder, vegan chocolate chips, any sweetener, and coconut whipped cream if you really wanna do it right. Warm and chocolatey, it’s just what you need to finish off your incredible vegan thanksgiving feast.  

If you make any of these dishes for Thanksgiving this year, you’re awesome and turkeys everywhere love you. Period. 

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