Valentine’s Day Gifts and Plans

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you either love it… or you hate it. If you’re a Valentine’s hater, try a new outlook this year. It’s a day dedicated to love! How happy is that? If you are not in a relationship there a many ways to celebrate and appreciate love, even if it is indulging in CVS chocolate mark-downs the day after. If you ARE in a relationship and are struggling with gifts or plans for love day, here are a few suggestions.



If you are in a relationship, that puts a lot of pressure on gift giving. Get your shopping done as soon as possible! You’d hate to be the one to forget a gift or pick up something lame on your way home from class. If you plan on spending a good amount, for both girls and guys, a personalized gift is sentimental. For guys, you could personalize a wallet, watch… socks? (Almost anything is personalizable). For girls, a necklace, picture frame, purse, etc.

If you’re a couple who agrees not to spend too much, you can never go wrong with flowers and chocolate! Flowers and chocolate are classic and you can’t go wrong with simplicity.

Get more creative and make a love jar. All you need is a simple mason jar and paper scraps. Write down a bunch of things you love about your person. This way, even if you’re not around, they’re always reminded of how much you love them.

An easy, but perfect Valentine’s gift is a love letter. Spill all your mushy gushy feelings for the person you love and let them know how wonderful they are in a few pieces of paper. These are great for long distance relationships too, make love letters a tradition! Gifts are just gifts after all, but a thought out letter tugs at the heartstrings. Love letters are the start of Valentine’s Day in the first place!



Some couples enjoy a fancy dinner out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, others might rent a movie and order Chinese for a night in. If you’re neither of these, another idea could be to go to a concert. This could also be a perfect surprise gift! 

Valentine’s Day lasts 24 hours, so your plans don’t have to be limited to the night. You could make breakfast in bed, take a walk in a pretty setting, drive down by the beach. Anything you love to do, do it today… it’s love day!


Hopefully, these simple gift and plan ideas helped you out a bit if you’re clueless for the quickly approaching holiday. Don’t forget to not only love the love, but share the love! Give out roses, hang with your besties, confess your love to someone random, and don’t forget to text your mom.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest and Jamie Cooks It Up.