Things I Have Learned So Far In College

It’s Okay to not be Okay

It is okay if you want to cry or if you feel down. There are many different sources out there that can help you no matter the situation you are in. Specifically here at the College, we have free counseling services to students which includes text services, counseling, even a psychiatrist. 

Talk to Your Professors

Your professors are people just like you. Even if it may feel like they are there to fail you, most of them truly want to watch you succeed. College isn’t like high school where your teachers track you down to make sure you get the help you need. You have to show up to office hours, and as long as you show that you want to do better, your professor will try to give you the tools to do so.

Go to Campus Events

Many of the events that are hosted from your school may be tagged “boring” or “not fun”, but I think they are wrong! My school has hosted a variety of events ranging from Casino Night to movie nights, and they were really fun! I actually made a few friends at them and even won a South Carolina hat at Casino night.

Don’t Hide

I know it is easy to stay in your dorm room and to make the excuse, “Oh I should work on…” but you need to go out and be social sometimes. While I am not saying you should party every day, or do irresponsible things, you should go out with friends occasionally and be social. It has been proven that if you isolate yourself from others, you are more prone to becoming depressed (1).

Take Breaks and Treat Yourself

There have been plenty of times where I have been at the library for hours, stressing my mind out and refuse to get myself that hot chocolate I have been craving since 8 a.m. Everyone needs to take a break occasionally, just to clear their heads from whatever the situation is. If that means grabbing a hot chocolate or doing some retail therapy, go do it! You deserve it!


College is a very stressful time for everyone, and you can forget to take care of yourself. Put some time on the side for just you, and follow through with it! There are many little things you could do for yourself. Make popcorn and watch your favorite show, or do some skincare and jam out to music if you need are in need of some physical self-care or some more mental self-care, meditation may be an option for you! Even though school may seem very overwhelming, you cannot let it stop you from taking care of yourself mentally, or physically. 

Finding Your Balance

You have to find your balance in college. You have so many things to juggle, for example, your work, school, and social life. It does take a little bit to figure out the balance, but when you do your life will feel a lot more relaxed.