Sarah Hammond '18

Name: Sarah HammondHometown: Macon, GAMajor: CommunicationMinor: Theatre 

What are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta and I work for CisternYard Video.

What leadership positions do you have in your organizations?

I am a video journalist for CisternYard Video.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons/experiences you've gained from being in Theta?

I have learned that the negative stereotypes about sororities, such as, "We buy our friends" and "We're just in it to party." These statements are false, because we all care so deeply about each other and our national philanthropy, CASA. Also, as an only child, it has been such an amazing experience gaining all of these sisters who I know will always be there for me, and I will always be there for them. As cliché as it sounds, it's true. 

As a Communication major, what do you hope to do once you graduate?

I hope to pursue my love of broadcast journalism and become a news anchor for a major network, or become a reporter and travel around the world.

What impact do you hope to make one day?

If I do become a news anchor, or even a talk show host, or just somewhere on TV, I hope to be a positive role model for young girls and show them that women are capable of doing anything they put their minds to and to not let anyone or anything hold them back.

Who is someone you really look up to?

I really look up to Ellen Degeneres because she is a prominent TV personality and such a positive role model who promotes loving everyone and supporting other people. She is able to be funny and loved by the public without tearing others down.

Why did you decide to come to CofC?

I decided to come to CofC when one of my friends was talking about visiting the school, so I decided to check it out, too. I immediately fell in love. Charleston is such a beautiful city with so much history and culture. Anyone would be lucky to go to school and live here.

What is the one thing you love the most about CofC?

I would have to say that the thing I love the most is the people. The students, and even the professors, are all so diverse and come from so many different places. I also love how beautiful and unique the campus is.

All pictures are courtesy of Sarah's Facebook page.