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Resources Every College Student Needs: A Masterlist

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Hi all! Recently I’ve come across some collections of resources grouped into masterlists that cater to subject-specific audiences. These audiences range from expecting parents and emerging high-schoolers to art teachers and college students. For example, an art masterlist might include resources on how to draw form and links to websites discussing color theory. This article is a masterlist devoted to college students and their varying needs, split up into eight main categories as follows: english/essay-writing, math/science, studying/testing, job/work, home, finances, health, and emergency/safety. The titles under each category are links to different websites, apps, study guides, formula sheets, how-to’s, printables, and handouts full of useful information.

The masterlists I’ve used as inspiration for this one are usually thorough but non-exhaustive, which is the format I aimed to mirror in this one. In the plight of finals season, I hope this list offers some help.


Structuring an essay

Essay introduction strategies 

Transition and connective words for essay writing 

Editing and proofreading handout

Citation resources & guide

Helpful websites for writers

A word processor for when you can’t remember a specific word


Math study guides(Algebra to Calculus)

Pre-calculus cheat sheet

Calculus cheat sheet

Online ruler 

Basic STATS formulas cheat sheet

Chemistry study guide

CHEM – interactive periodic table

Comprehensive BIO study guide

Computer Science study guide

Essential Excel shortcuts


Comprehensive list of helpful websites, apps and extensions for students:

List of educational Youtube channels organized by subject 

List of study skills/methods & more resources 

Some unconventional but try-worthy study methods:

Educated guessing strategies for multiple-choice tests

Free online printable daily planner PDF in colors blue, pink, white, and yellow


Writing a resume

Writing a resume with no experience

Writing a cover letter

What to expect at a job interview & how to prepare for it


Questions to ask before renting an apartment

First apartment checklist

Comprehensive cleaning guide(mold, stains, grease etc.)

How to fix a toilet

List of low-maintenance indoor plants

How to care for household plants


All-around best app for budgeting as a student

Website to buy new & used cheap books

Harris Teeter college rewards VIC-card sign up

Opening a bank account 

How to do your taxes

How to choose a health insurance plan

Options to make therapy more affordable

Discounts your student ID can get you


List of cost-friendly recipes for college students

List cost-friendly recipes for college students

Recipe generator for ingredients you already have

What to eat when sick(mentally or physically)

How to prevent/treat a hangover

Meditation app with self-care guidance


What to keep in your car in case of an emergency 

What to do after a car accident:

How to change a flat tire

What to do if you lose your wallet/purse

Link to drink spiking test for date rape drug detection

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