The Pressure Recieved

College is not easy. From maintaining a social life to staying on top of your work, it's difficult to find balance. During my freshman year, I struggled with this a lot. What people don’t tell you about is the pressure and stress you receive outside of that. 

For me, the worst pressure in college comes from your peers. For the past (nearly) two years, I have always tried to fit in with others. I tried to dress like them, go to the same restaurants as them, and just do anything besides be myself. My resolution for 2020 was to focus more on myself, and that came with a ton of anxiety.

The first thing I did was buy outfits I liked, without caring what others thought of them. I was nervous about wearing my new outfits, but a Sunday brunch with friends proved me wrong. My friends were supportive of me, and even hyped me up because they realized that I was enjoying the way I looked.

I also struggle with always wanting to make everyone happy. I have to learn that you will never make everyone in your life happy, and the day you do is the day that pigs start flying across Charlotte’s skyline. You have to take control of your own life, and just do what makes you happy. Even if that means wearing those bright orange heels or joining a club you thought you would never join. If it makes you happy, do it.

The best choice I've made so far was joining the College’s Esports club. I am not a massive gamer by any means, but when I heard of the club it definitely piqued my interest. What held me back for so long was the fear of being judged. I was worried that the Esports club wouldn't accept a sorority girl, and that my sorority friends might be wondering what bet I must have lost to go to an Esports club. While I did lose a few friends through my choices, I can say that I have met some of the best people in my life from this club. Between my sorority and Esports, I have a support network unlike any other.

The bottom line is, you have to be happy with your choices. You cannot let others dictate your life for you because you are not their puppet to play with. If you lose friends over your new style or because you joined a new club, they are not friends you should waste your time on. 2020 is the year for you to become true to yourself, and become truly happy.