An Open Letter to My Father


Thank you for always being the superhero, the honest opinion, and the voice of reason that I have always needed. I know I don’t show you as much appreciation as you deserve, but I really am so grateful for you. You have always done what any dad should, protect me, love me, and support me, but you’ve never been one to do the bare minimum.

From a young age, you have always set my standards high. My standards not only for myself but also for how I treat others and how I let others treat me. I owe my “take no shit” attitude to you, but I also owe my level of self-respect to you. You taught me through words and actions, how a woman should be treated. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be as independent or as self-aware as I am today. You taught me to respect myself, but also to believe in myself and my worth.

You pushed me, even when I felt like I was going to break. You have always known what I am capable of and just far I need to be pushed, in order to see it. You have supported me at my lowest and humbled me at highest, and I cannot thank you enough. You pushed me when I thought I wasn’t capable, and you pushed me when I was just being lazy. If it wasn’t for you taking the time to practice with me and coach me, I would have never been any good at any sport, and I never would have been as much of a math whiz as I am now.

Though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, you’ve always done your best. Sometimes I thought you were the bad guy, and I know that must have been tough, but looking back now, you were doing what was best for me in the long run. I appreciate the way you (and mom) raised me, and that you made me work for the things I wanted instead of just handing me everything I asked for.

Thank you for being the best dad. I truly am so grateful for everything you have done and everything you do for me; for all of the life lessons you have taught me, and for all of the things you have protected me from. You gave me my love of sports, my hardheadedness, and my smartassness. I treasure all of the fun and even some of the not so fun times we have had together. You will always hold a special place in my heart and no man will ever live up to the expectations you have set for them. 

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.  


            Your Little Girl