My Favorite Witchy Small Businesses

I love supporting small businesses; it is always a much more personal experience. You get to know the person running the store and follow their journey. It is even better when these businesses are about something specific that you enjoy! The practices of Wicca, the occult, and paganism have become increasingly more popular in the past few years and many people have created businesses that are quite witchy, selling products from aura-cleansing mists to bath bombs. Whether you are a practicing witch or just someone with an interest in witchery, you will love all of these shops.

  1. 1. The Mossy Apothecary

    This is the shop for candles and ritual needs. These candles can be used as decoration and regular use, but they are also made for rituals. They are made in found vintage containers and adorned with herbs, flowers, and crystals. This shop is very nature-focused. You can check out their Instagram for beautiful photos of their products and information about shop updates.

  2. 2. Witchy Washy Bath

    girl taking bubble bath while looking at landscape

    Witchy Wash Bath is where I buy all of my bath bombs. They are always incredibly creative, and all of their products are witch- or horror-themed. They even have themed boxes every month! Recently, these themes have included Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Craft. You can check out her Instagram to see what the theme is this month and see her beautiful bath products. Some of her bath bombs even come with bath ritual guides.

    Her shop also includes more than bath bombs. I love her whipped body scrubs and soaps as well. They smell delicious and leave my skin so soft. This shop is apart of my normal body care now.

  3. 3. The Floral Mermaid

    pink roses

    The Floral Mermaid is a resin artist who makes work with themes of the occult and flowers. She creates beautiful decor pieces of moons, wolves, cats, and much more. Her products are stunning and definitely worth taking a look at. Head over to her Instagram to check them out.

  4. 4. Fey Herba Organics

    crystals and herbs on a wooden plate

    Fey Herba products are perfect for any green witch or those interested in plant magick. She creates skincare products and gorgeous burn bouquets. I use her products often for spatial and aura cleansing. My favorite products are her aura-cleansing mists. Not only do they smell amazing, they help me feel balanced and calm. Her Instagram explains a lot about her products and has some beautiful photos.

  5. 5. The Pretty Cult

    Woman dressed as witch holding a cup

    The Pretty Cult is primarily a clothing store. Their most popular products are probably their tarot-card-themed clothes, featuring cards like The Empress, drawn in beautiful and unique art styles. They also have clothes for many different forms of witchcraft and deities, including Lilith and Hecate, if you want to show off your religion. I would say that they are the perfect store for the "subtle goth" as their clothes are generally all black and have a spooky energy, but are not too outlandish. They have clothes for both men and women. They are all incredibly creative and they take great product photos on their Instagram.

There are so many more stores I could list, but these are my top five. I hope you check out their Instagrams and products and remember, shop small!