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My 6 Least Favorite Contestants from “America’s Next Top Model”

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At first, the idea of watching Tyra Banks put a dozen or so models through torturous photoshoot challenges didn’t strike me as interesting. But there’s just something about this show that gets SO addicting so quickly. My roommates and I just plowed through seasons 1 through 11, and now that we’ve run out of free seasons to watch on Hulu, I feel like the only way I can cope is to write about some of the most insufferable contestants from those cycles. These rankings are not based on any kind of criteria – just vibes. Here we go:

Jade Cole – Cycle 6

Jade was this cycle’s dedicated “mean girl”. She was older than most of the others and was just super bitchy on purpose. She has come out and said that she felt as though she was misrepresented throughout the show, but as far as her character on the show goes, I just kept praying for her to go home. It was almost too much drama and made some of her screen time unenjoyable. But, the girl can model. She did have the talent for it and was personally one of my favorite looks from that cycle. She came in 3rd for a reason – her photos were almost always on point.

Lisa D’Amato – Cycle 5

Another girl who was just as talented as she was annoying, Lisa got on my ever-loving nerves. While she often looked the best out of anyone in the group, her “quirky” gimmick got old so fast. She was always screaming or causing drama, or just acting completely unhinged. It was obvious she had some bigger issues going on, and I’m pretty sure she did end up getting the help that she needed. However, I can’t ignore the fact that it doesn’t make watching her run around the house naked and yelling any less obnoxious.

Melrose Bickerstaff – Cycle 8

When I was watching this season I couldn’t believe Melrose had made it as far as she did. She did know a lot, but from the beginning, her attitude was ridiculously out of line. She was so stuck-up and had a “holier-than-thou” vibe the whole time. I didn’t even think her pictures were as good as some of her competition’s. Worst of all, she was one of the sorest losers out of any of the cycles I’ve seen. When CariDee stepped on her dress on the final runway, she screamed and blamed it all on CariDee, which IMO is just a bad look. Poor sportsmanship is a one-way ticket to getting to the bottom of this list.

Bianca Golden – Cycle 9

The number 1 reason Bianca is on this list is because she was ALWAYS hating on (my fav) Heather. Heather was the first contestant on ANTM with a disability (she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child), which of course Tyra played up at every chance she could. But, because of this disability, Bianca felt as though Heather was getting babied or favored. Which, if you know anything about social disorders like Heather’s, you could understand why there were some situations where she needed to be given different accommodations. Bianca hated on her the whole season and never seemed apologetic. It was even worse that she was hypocritical about it when she refused to do a challenge where she was high up in the air. 

Jayla Rubinelli – Cycle 4

I hated Jayla mostly because she was there SO much longer than she should have. Girlie was boring and her claim to ANTM fame was when she stole Nik’s line for the Secret commercial. I could go into a whole side rant about how badly Nik was snubbed in this cycle, but Jayla should not have been allowed to do what she did, and Nik just had to take it. Jayla called her stupid so many times and I just couldn’t help but think that it was stupid she was still in the competition. 

Nicole Linkletter – Cycle 5 

I don’t know if this is controversial or not, but I hated Nicole. The whole cycle, I could NOT understand why they loved her so much! I thought she was boring, I thought her look was boring, everything about her bored me. Even her walk on the runway in the finale was boring, and yet, they somehow decided to crown her the winner over Nik. Of the seasons I’ve watched, she has been the only truly forgettable winner and I still can’t fathom how she pulled out a win. 

Now I don’t know what to do with myself until seasons 11 through 20 make their way onto Hulu. In the meantime, I think I’ll rewatch the super early seasons just to see how much has changed and probably come up with a whole new list. I’m sure I’ll be writing about my favorites soon enough.

Izzy Smith

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Izzy is a Special Education Major at CofC with a minor in Religious Studies. She is passionate about education, politics, history, and music. In addition to being a teacher, she hopes to be a political journalist who advocates for equal rights for people with disabilities. You can often find her exploring the city of Charleston with iced coffee in hand or working at the local grocery store.
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