Meet HC CofC's Editor-in-Chief: Marissa Myhill

Photos courtesy of Marissa Myhill 

It's that time of year again – the semester is coming to and end and we have to say goodbye to our beloved seniors. Amongst this year's graduating class is HerCampus Editor-in-Chief, Marissa Myhill. Marissa is a Communications and English major with a concentration in Creative Writing from Fairbanks, Alaska. She has served as a peer facilitator, team leader and a member of the Charleston mentor society. She is also a member of Sigma Kappa.


Taite Daisy: Why did you originally get involved in HerCampus?

Marissa: I originally got involved with Her Campus my sophomore because I was going through a little bit of a rut and wanted to do something where I could get more writing experience.  I had some friends who were involved at the time and it seemed like something that I would be able to thrive in and grow in, which was so true.


T: What was your favorite part of being editor in chief?

M: My favorite thing about being editor-in-chief is not only that I get to write and be creative but I get to read and edit the amazing articles written by our team.  I love being able to help the articles reach their full potential and help writers to create a portfolio that they can hopefully use after they're done at The College.  It also really helps me as a writer because it's given me a chance to really understand the written language and get even more familiar with AP style (which I'll have to use after I'm done in college).  


T: What was your favorite thing you accomplished while being part of HerCampus?

M: My favorite thing I've accomplished as being editor-in-chief at CofC?  It's hard to narrow it down.  But, first would have to be expanding our team so much.  When I first became EIC we only had about 12 members, with only a few being truly active.  Now we have over 40 members and that in and of itself is a HUGE accomplishment!  The second thing would have to be hosting the Her Campus Tour we hosted last week.  Our team put in a lot of effort to host the event and it was a huge success.  And, lastly, producing some top notch content.  Since becoming EIC, I've seen our team's content really grow and we've gotten a lot of recognition from HC Nationals and our advisors.  Those are only a few things but I feel like I have so many more.


T: What advice do you have for future members of HerCampus?

M: To future members of Her Campus, my advice is to stay involved, write about things you are passionate about and don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.  I try to push our entire team to put as much energy as possible into our events and content, write about things they care about and that other people on our campus will care about, and to go out of their comfort zones and talk to people on campus they might not know.  And, network.  Always network!  You never know what opportunities can present themselves!


T: What are your plans for after graduation?

M: My plans for after school are a little up in the air at the moment.  As of now, I'll be staying in Charleston and hopefully completing an internship at a public relations agency.  After that, the hope is to get a job somewhere.  Maybe in South Carolina, maybe in Georgia, or even maybe in Boston.  But for now, just have to make it to graduation.  That's daunting enough to think about right now.  

Thanks so much for all you have done for HC and the CofC community, Marissa! We will miss you! HCXO