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Choosing a major is an intimidating task. This is what will ultimately lead you down the path to your future career and your life. People are definitely going to ask you, “What’s your major?” and every time it might feel nerve-wracking and like a clock is ticking down, but it is okay to be undecided. 

As a person who hates making decisions and locking down on one answer, picking a major was one of the hardest and most stressful things, I’ve ever had to do. I’ve definitely had my fair share of judgment and have had others share their opinions about my “lack” of interest in declaring a major both to my face and behind my back, but it was actually just the opposite. I was interested in SO many things, and it scared me to think that by making one choice as a young adult, I would be closing myself off to so many possibilities.

I applied to schools with many options in mind for a major and later career. I considered pre-med, psychology, marketing, Spanish, and a few others. I decided not to declare going into college because everyone told me not to feel pressured and that I had until the end of my sophomore year. Overwhelmed by the number of courses offered, I decided to take some courses that interested me and fulfilled my general education requirements. Some college classes I’ve taken are sociology, international studies, environmental issues, geology, public health, and a whole semester-long course about the culture of Barcelona. I considered all of these classes as major routes and was glad I got to experience these before making my final decision at the beginning of my sophomore year. 

My heart was always leaning towards English because I had such a passion for storytelling, but the first thing you hear when you tell someone you might major in English is, “what are you going to do with that?” This actually happens with most majors when there isn’t a clear career path. However, my time at college so far has taught me that you can get almost any career you want with a plan and perseverance. I’ve even known a few people who have created their own jobs. I finally decided to declare a double major in English and secondary education. I love working with people, and I am excited to share my passion for literature. And because I enjoyed my environmental courses so much, I chose to minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies. While I definitely intend on becoming an English teacher, I am open to other possibilities and opportunities that may arise in the future.

Plans can change at any time. You might not always feel the same way you did when you were in high school. Always be open to new possibilities and experience new things. In college, it is always up to you to declare or change your major and path. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you aren’t passionate about and know that you can always change your mind. While there may be financial barriers or time concerns that arise, there are always options to work around the challenges and find a way to succeed in what you want. You will discover what you are meant to do; it might just take some time. It is okay to be undecided.

Hello! My name is Corey Chamberlain and I am 19 years old from upstate New York. I am currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston and I am studying English and Secondary Education. Traveling is an important part of my life and I have been to 10 countries so far and plan on exploring more in the future. In my free time you can usually find me reading a book at the beach or hanging out with friends and family!
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