I Forgot My Underwear

Over the last few months, I have heard some of the most ridiculous stories from my college friends. I thought it would be fun to compile a few of the best ones. These are real quotes from my good friends, but I have left them anonymous. College is weird and these stories prove it!

1. "I only brought enough underwear for like six days. So, my mom had to bring me the rest from home."

2. "So I was just walking down the sidewalk with my headphones in and I passed this guy that was looking up at the windows of a dorm. I heard him yell like "no wait' or something like that, and then I just saw a pair of pants float down from the top floor. I just laughed and kept walking."

3. "I was at a review session for a biology class and I was the only one who showed up. The first question the guy asked me when reviewing from our last lecture was to draw the parts for a perfect flower. When I was labeling the parts I wrote very confidently P-E-D-A-L when labeling the flower petal...and didn't notice until I was about to erase it."

4. "One time I tried to make cookies in a toaster oven, and it didn't work. They got like burnt on the outside and were completely raw on the inside... like they were still cold. I don't have aluminum foil and I know glass is heat safe, so I cooked them in that. Mind you I really only bought these containers to steal from the dining hall."

5. "It's Halloween and I have my door decorated. There is a Halloween themed wreath, a welcome mat and pumpkin lights going around the side of my door frame. It's also important to tell you that my whiteboard is on the wall next to my door, so every other day a new object would go missing. The first day my welcome mat was stolen then two days later the mat is returned, and the wreath is stolen. Then two days later the wreath comes back but my whiteboard is stolen. One night my friends were all mad about it but I thought it was kind of funny. We figured out the boys in the quad down the hall had the stuff and so my friend runs down there and steals the board back and then they have a screaming match as to who owns all the stuff and then I got it all back." 

6. "I had to tell someone to stop tap dancing on the floor above me at three am."

7. "a- My apples don’t rot. I'm conducting an experiment. 

k- For how long? 

a- For a MONTH

k- Are they in your dorm? 

a- Yes. They look and feel like the first time I picked them up."

8. "A random guy rudely came a knocking into our dorm room in the middle of the night. The bright hallway light woke me and my roommate up. We looked at each other and didn’t say anything. Then we looked at him. He said "hey what’s up" then shut the door. We thought we locked our door, so we were freaking out. Meanwhile, my grandma bought me a door stopper she saw on James Corden that goes off like a siren. I left it at home though cause it would wake up the whole freaking building."

Hope you enjoyed reading these candid college stories. I had so much fun gathering these from my fellow collegiates. I am wishing all of you some weird happenings in your future.