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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

i awoke with the thunder

it snapped me out of sleep

R. E. M. disturbed

for my 6:30 am alarm

set by mother nature


the navy sky showed no sign of light

but i knew it was morning

i laid there still,

listening to the streams of little feet

tip-toeing all over the roof


the streetlight outside my window

shone a harsh glow

not at all similar to the warm rays 

sunshine often brings…

i roll over.


i consider leaving the warm bed

i consider pouring a cup,

the house would smell

of light roast and rain

lightning disagrees.


she commands me to stay

she flashes the sky a brilliant white.

thunder crashes in agreement,

why am i talking to the storm?

i roll over.


the sky bellows yet again

the tip-toeing on the roof intensifies

i listen as the storm sings her song,

somber, intense, and sad.

she effortlessly rages across the sky


i shiver while she roars,

listening to the echoes

as she cartwheels through.

we are no match for her

she is bigger than all of us.


her presence is known

she likes it that way

she wants us all to know 

she has power

she flaunts her beauty


the lowly wind howls

as the sky flashes white,

another round rumbles through.

night violently turns to day

she is done


as quickly as it began,

her beautiful tantrum ends.

6:47 am, i see glints of pink

in the once black sky.

i roll over.


Hey y'all! I moved to Charleston from a little town in New Jersey, and before you go "NeW JoYsEE", no. I don't talk like that. I have a sense of humor and I am very open about myself; you can live my life by reading what I write. I love long walks on the beach, coffee all day long, poetry, photography, and a whole lot more. Thank you so much for coming to my page. I really hope my writing speaks to you, helps you, or just makes you laugh. (: