How to Stay Focused (And Why it's Important)

As college women, we all have a plethora of tasks to complete and extra curricular activities to cater to on a daily basis. While we make it seem effortless to others, whizzing through our daily routine and schedule with a smile, at times it can be extremely taxing. So many distractions and outside forces can affect work ethic, attitude, and overall performance throughout your day. This is completely normal, as we are all human beings with separate life experiences and issues, occurring every second of the day. Any little thing has the ability to set back your day, alter your mood, or change your world.

While it is easy to allow ourselves to concentrate on those outside forces trying to weigh us down, it is so essential to stay focused on what is important and remain collected. The organizations and activities that you choose to be a part of are clearly of great importance to you, or you wouldn’t invest so much of your time in them. Don’t let a mishap, argument, bad hair day, or anything else ruin what is important to you. Stay calm, clearheaded, and know that those outside forces weighing you down are only temporary.

If you are having one of those bad days, try some of these simple suggestions to calm yourself so that you can finish your day to the best of your ability.


Count to 10

While it may seem silly, counting to ten is the oldest trick in the book for maintaining composure. Find a quiet space where you can be alone, clear your mind for those 10 seconds, and don’t allow any negative thoughts in your head. Think about what is most important to you, and why it is most important to you. Anything that makes you happy should be your driving force in life. If you keep whatever that may be in mind, you will find a way to succeed.

Concentrate on your breathing

Healthy breathing can help with stress, anxiety, anger management, and more. Breathing is such a common thing that no one really thinks twice about how they are doing it, but even little changes can make a huge difference. For the most effective way to decrease stress and increase tranquility, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. In yoga, it is even recommended to hold those deep breaths in, and then let it out when you can no longer stand it to achieve a greater sigh of relief.



Even if you might not be up to it due to those outside forces, exercise is one of the best ways to clear your mind and rejuvenate. Whether it is a quick 20-minute jog, yoga, jumping jacks, or some sit-ups, it will significantly boost your energy and get your mind in a better place.


For all of the things you are expected to do during the day, it’s good to have some time to focus on yourself and what you need. Take a bubble bath, listen to your own “feel good” music, treat yourself to a yummy dinner, or watch your favorite movie. Do anything that puts you in a better place and allows you to relax.


Stay calm, cool, and collected ladies. You can do it!