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How to Make Zoom Classes a Little Better

Zoom classes, for lack of a better word, suck. They are annoying, anxiety-inducing, and the list of bad adjectives could go on for miles. Nonetheless, we must deal with them.

Though it can be a very soul-sucking time, I’ve tried to find ways to make classes a little better and feel a little more normal. For every class, I try to dress up. I know, I know, this is the perfect time to laze around in your pajamas, or not wear pants, and basically look however you feel. But when you don't put effort into your appearance, it’s easier to feel lazy and not want to participate, making the classes feel more like a waste of time. You dress how you feel, so if you dress like you’re sleeping, then that’s all you’ll want to do.

I love wearing stylish outfits and I feel more comfortable when I look good. So for Zoom, I pick something cute out and maybe throw on some lip gloss. You may be thinking “It’s not like anyone can see you,” but that’s not the point at all. You should dress up and look good for yourself. Dressing up to me is such a great confidence builder! When you’re wearing a bomb-ass outfit, you feel a little less self-conscious. Maybe all of those stares are stares of admiration, maybe someone stops and compliments you on your style.

Even if you’re alone in your room looking in the mirror, you can admire and compliment yourself. It is such a great motivator, and in a time where procrastination is so easy, this may be just the boost you need.

Hi I'm Autumn, I'm from Lancaster South Carolina not too far from Charleston.I'm a freshman this year at CofC. My major is leaning towards Computing in the Arts. I enjoy laughing, A LOT, I also enjoy attempting to make others laugh. I'm a bit of an optimist so I try to take that and use it to make life a little better each day.
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