How to Get the Smoothest Skin of Your Life

We all love a good shower (at least I hope). It’s a time to relax, breathe, and take a moment to reflect on the day. It’s also a time to get that skin smooth. I don’t care who you are, I know you want smooth skin. Taking time for self-care and pampering can brighten any day, so I’m going to share my shower routine so you can too have skin of silk.

I like to start with a body brush. You MUST be sure you get a body brush with FIRM bristles (unless you have sensitive skin, then I guess you could make an exception). First, I dry brush my entire body in an upward motion. This promotes great circulation and blood flow, and I swear it soothes soreness after the gym, too! Next, I hop into the steamy shower (lukewarm is better for the skin, but scalding feels so amazing, right?) 

For soap, I use the OGX Ultra Moisture Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash. For those with nut allergies, they have other scents, but this one is my favorite. Along with that, I’ve started using the Victoria Secret Heavenly Silk Shower Oil, which smells delightful. I put both of these products on my exfoliating gloves and scrub the entire body. Afterward, I rinse off and put those same products on the body brush from earlier and scrub all over again (I scrub quite a bit).

After rinsing again, I prepare for shaving. Last year I switched to Harry’s Men razor and it’s been a great decision. I use the Coochy Plus brand shaving cream, which helps reduce razor bumps, ingrown hairs, itchiness, and drying. After shaving and rinsing I hop out and (this is very important) rub the OGX Coconut Coffee body cream all over before drying off. On top of that I use a little bit of Vaseline to seal in all the moisture. After a good night's rest, your skin will feel like pure silk. I do this every day and it works wonders for me, but try it for yourself and see if you can tell the difference between your skin and butter.