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How College Has Changed Me for the Better

Since I’ve come to college, I have changed. A lot. Maybe not outwardly, but my habits have shifted in a way that is new to me. I’ve made new friends, found out new things about myself, and have tried to change, for the better, and become a better person. I’ve been thriving since I’ve started school here at The College.

I came to Charleston alone, with no one from high school within a 100-mile radius, so needless to say, the thought of coming here was quite daunting. To be honest, the week before I came down here, I had a really rough time coming to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t know anyone, at all. However, the second I came down here, I was welcomed immediately, and there have only been a handful of bumps in the road surrounding relationships since. I stay in close contact with my friends from home, but down here, I have an incredible group of friends, and a wonderful boyfriend, all of which are wildly supportive of me in every type of way.  

In high school, I never had to study. The information came easily, and I could probably knock out all of my homework before the final bell of the day rang if I tried hard enough. So, obviously, that could never and will never be the case at the college. However, I did not expect the workload and amount of stress due to classes to hit me like a truck, the way it did. Everything piled up, and all at once, it was too much. From there, I really had to step back and consider a change in my habits. My friends were also facing the same problem, so we all decided to start going to the library together– nightly. This was primarily to make it set in routine; if we went every day, something would have to get done, right?

The College of Charleston and it’s practice of sustainability has also given me the chance to become well versed in the ideas of social, political, and environmental sustainability. Last year, you would’ve never caught me near a metal spoon, but now I carry one in my backpack, or tote bag, wherever I go. Being able to take a step back and consider the amount of damage my constant consumption of products containing plastic has helped me understand what needs to be done to start to save the planet.

In all honesty, I was terrified to come down to The College. It scared me, being so far away from home, yet, I think that choosing this school is by far the best decision I’ve ever made.

Mallory Berry is an English major at the College of Charleston with a concentration in writing, rhetoric, and publication. When not at random coffee shops doing homework, she can be found either binge-watching shows on Netflix or exploring Charleston.
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