Hazing Prevention Week

Happy National Hazing Prevention Week!!

A lot of times, especially in movies, Greek Life and hazing are usually shown together and it is the norm for new pledges to get hazed in order to be in the srat/frat. As a part of Greek Life here at the College of Charleston, I can personally say that this is not the case. I cannot speak for all Greek organizations here on campus, but I can speak for my chapter.  I am proud to say that we do not nor have we ever participated in hazing, both at the college and on the national level. I can also say that there have not been any cases of hazing throughout the other chapters, nationally, of my organization.

While there have been issues of hazing in the past on this campus and other campuses by other organizations, the College has put a lot of effort and time into making sure that the hazing problem is contained among the Greek and even the non-Greek organizations here such as clubs and athletic teams. College of Charleston has decided to help prevent hazing by going a step further by participating in National Hazing Prevention Week-- a week dedicated to spreading awareness of the problem and suggesting ways for the organizations to work together to stop it and prevent it.

Greek life is such an amazing part of college life.  I have met my best friends, future bridesmaids, and all around family; I didn’t need to be hazed or bullied in order to do that. I found my people as everyone does when they participate in Greek Life and no hazing had to be involved. The CofC Panhellenic Council has done a really great job at putting together an awesome week of activities that help raise awareness about hazing prevention such as tabling donuts in the Cougar Mall. Be on the lookout as the week goes on for other fun free activities and treats!

So, here at the college #TheseHandsDontHaze because #CofCGreekLife is incredible!