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Get Back in the Groove: Doing Well in School After the Weirdest Summer Ever

When CofC online classes began last week, I realized something a little devastating. After a summer in quarantine, I was in no way prepared to take on classwork for 5 different courses. College classes move quickly, and you can't let yourself fall behind...so what can you do?

Write EVERYTHING down. 

If you have a poor memory like mine, you’ll need a planner or even just a post-it note to keep track of things. When you write something down instead of just reading it, your brain processes the information faster and can transfer it to your long-term memory more efficiently. If you have assignments due or readings to accomplish, write them down. Try keeping a to-do list for all your classes. Seeing what you need to get done will help keep you on track and help you remember everything you need to know!

Get a routine.

Online classes can be hard to manage. Specifically, if your classes took on the asynchronous format, you might be having trouble figuring out when to do certain things. The best way to get into a routine is to create an updated and reliable schedule. Set a block of time aside for each class you have, and stick to it. If you keep your schedule the same, you’ll fall into the routine faster and be able to keep up. 

Schedule time for yourself.

One of my biggest problems with online classes is that it makes me feel like I am always in class, or have something to do. As someone who needs to stay active to keep my mental health in check, I had to adjust my schedule to keep myself outside and active during the day. Make sure you schedule time for yourself to do the things that make you happy. If your mental health is suffering, your grades will too. But it’s important to remember that your mental health is more important than your grades. You need to keep yourself happy in order to do well. 

Talk it out.

Remember that your campus friends are going through the same things that you are with online classes. Talk to them! Find out how they set up their schedule, what they’re doing to stay up-to-date on assignments, and use that to help yourself. We’re all in this together! Your friends can be one of your best resources going into this semester.

This semester has the potential to either be one of the best or one of the worst. It all depends on how we go about it! We're all experiencing the same issues with online classes, Zoom, and professors attempting to use technology. But we can all get through it together!

Early Childhood Education | Psychology 4th year student at CofC, fan of cats, coffee, and New Girl
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