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The Five Best Dinner Restaurants in Charleston

Do you love going out to eat in Charleston as much as I do? Well, you’re in luck, because these five restaurants I think are easily the best in town! These restaurants are totally a personal choice, so maybe you will not agree, but I have a feeling you will! Also, if you are a big fan of pasta, this article is for you!

Frannie and the Fox

Have you been to Frannie and the Fox yet? If not, you are seriously missing out. This restaurant is located in Hotel Emeline, which can be found on Church St. The hotel is insanely Instagramable. The interior design and overall aesthetic are gorgeous! Beyond the hotel, the chic restaurant inside is outstanding. Frannie and the Fox has the best Bolognese rigatoni in town. That is saying a lot coming from me! The pizzas, pasta, and fish are all to die for. Also, the best cocktails, which are obviously a must!

Leon’s Oyster Shop

Do you love frosé and oysters? Leon’s Oyster Shop is the place for you then. They have the best char-grilled oysters, chicken sandwich, and scalloped potatoes. Just take my word for it and order all three. Also, they have soft-serve ice cream for dessert or a milkshake! I recommend saving room to get one. You will thank me later, I promise. 

167 Raw

More seafood, obviously! Instead of oysters, though, this time we are talking lobster rolls! 167 Raw’s lobster roll is incredible. The taste screams “out of this world.” I mean it! Also, oddly enough, this restaurant has guacamole and chips. Surprisingly, the guacamole is better than any Mexican restaurant I have ever been too. Weird, I know. 


As some of you may know, Melfi’s has been closed since coronavirus started, but they just announced that they are reopening soon! I have been waiting for this announcement for far too long now. Everything on the menu is divine and you cannot go wrong. A few of my favorite dishes are the ricotta & honey bruschetta, wood-fired sweet peppers, mafalde, paccheri, and the Mr. Wally. Also, their gelato and cappuccinos are delicious, and the perfect way to end the night! Not to mention, the staff there is remarkable! 

The Watch Rooftop

The Watch is definitely my go-to restaurant in Charleston. I love their views, food, and cocktails. Are you looking for a place to just chill, snack, and drink? This is your spot! My favorite plates to share there are the truffle fries, crab cakes, burrata & jam, cheeseburger sliders, and of course, the best Brussels sprouts in Charleston! I am not sure what they do to make those Brussels sprouts so delicious, but let me just say that the chefs know what they are doing!

I am officially starving and want to go to every single one of these restaurants right now. I promise you will love them all if you go, but also you might end up in a food coma. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Hey, my name is Molly! I am a Senior at the College of Charleston and am majoring in English. I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, but absolutely love the warm weather here! I spend most of my time nannying or reading Betches.
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