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Fitness Fashion Motivates Us to Make a Move and Sweat in Style

Nothing motivates you more to get up and get active than a new workout wardrobe. Slap on some new yoga pants and gear up for squats. Lace up some new tennis shoes and shape up for a long run. Slip on a new racerback tank and tone up with push-ups. You might be a puddle of sweat. You might feel like you are about to collapse from the burning sensations pulsating through every muscle. You might even be tempted to surrender the fight to get fit and almost call it quits. But take a look at yourself in the mirror and flex to the progress of defining those muscles with total style.

To echo the fashion bible (aka Vogue), this is The Year of No Excuses. No more being lazy. No more pushing your workout time to the back burner. No more neglecting the duty you have to your body to bust a move in the name of staying healthy.

Get inspired by this seasons favorite fitness fashions that are down to the core workout wins. We all know that nothing ups the confidence quite like a fierce outfit of the day. It’s simple, if you look good, you feel good. This motto does not just apply to your street style, but can flip its way into your shape up style as well. A sprint and a stretch styled in simple spandex, a pair of Nikes with an added pop of color, and a tight tank or tasteful tee will inspire you to just do it for the future bangin’ beach bod that awaits you.

A recent Vogue video, “4 Real Women. 11 Fitness Looks. The Only Workout Inspiration You Need”  will stimulate some drive to get active and surely have you dashing for the door dressed in full on woman warrior workout wear ready to fight for the fit life. The triathlete, the yogi, the choreographer, and the ballerina show us style worthy to work up a sweat in and they inspire us all the while. Take fashion forward fitness as the impetus to workout now. Its like Vogue had said alongside their workout inspiration video, “Great clothes should move you…and get you moving.”

Strut in your potentially sweat-drenched style. Just simply start motivating yourself to move and take in the healthy high of happiness that exercise endorphins emit. Let your workout wear keep you stylish and your sweat be the cologne of your accomplishment. This is The Year of No Excuses, so don’t let this fight to get fit become buried in the graveyard of new years resolutions forgotten past promises. Flaunt your flare for fashion, feel fiercly fit, and fight for your fitness finesse. 

Alex Hagg is a 21 year old senior at the College of Charleston. She is a Communication major working towards a future in fashion. With the dream of becoming the next Rachel Zoe/Carrie Bradshaw, Alex hopes to one day hold a career as a stylist and writer for a fashion magazine. Currently she is a blog intern at Southern Protocol Boutique. In Alex's spare time she enjoys shopping, relaxing on the beach, and watching movies.
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