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DRINK MORE WATER . . . Like, Seriously

We can all agree that drinking a large iced coffee sounds a lot more appealing than water, but humans are made up of 60% water, and you still need more. I know we have heard “drink more water” before, but there’s a difference between the amount of water we need to barely survive and the amount we need to be fully hydrated. The recommended water intake varies from person to person, but on average, an adult should consume 3.2 liters — which is roughly 13 cups of water — each day. It may seem like a lot, but your body will praise your efforts. Long story short, water is so important to your body that it affects nearly every single function and organ your body has to offer.

Sometimes water doesn’t taste good compared to every other beverage in the world, but the best thing about it is that you can always add taste. A trick I learned throughout the years is putting fresh lemon or fruit into my iced water to make it taste more interesting. When you need to drink almost a gallon of water a day, having an emotional support water bottle can help you out (no, seriously lol). There are many different kinds of reusable water bottles, from sippy lids to straws, that might influence you to drink more water throughout the day! 

Drinking water might sound overrated, but feeling hydrated can improve your overall well-being. When your body is getting all of the water it needs, your energy levels can significantly increase since your body is ready to push out toxins and be replenished by H2O. Water is good for increasing your metabolism and keeping your digestive system healthy. As well as just feeling good, drinking more water can also make you look good! Drinking water increases the skin’s hydration, keeping your smile healthy by increasing salvation, and overall helps you GLOW. 

Our bodies are amazing at telling us when it is not feeling good and is good at showing what we need more of. If you find yourself feeling low on energy, dull, or your stomach feels gross, drinking water is a good place to start. As anticlimactic as drinking water sounds, it is far more important than you think.

Faith Clark

C of C '22

Faith Clark is a junior at College of Charleston.She is studying Psychology & plans to further her education after graduation in the pediatric nursing field. As well as being a full time student, she also rides competitively in A rated horse shows up and down the East coast. In her free time, Faith enjoys working out, cooking, and being social. Find more on Instagram @faith_clarkk
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