Do You Know The Best Way to Register for Classes?

Class registration is one of the most stressful ten minutes of the semester. Personally, if there are no available seats for any of the classes I’ve planned to take, I don’t know what I’ll do! But I can’t rely simply on luck and the speed of my hands while typing to combat the wave of students that will be registering at the same time as me—here are some helpful tips to help you prepare!

  1. 1. Course Reference Number

    I don’t know how course registration systems work for other schools, but each section of each class at the College of Charleston has a unique five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN). If you search the course catalog for that specific CRN, you will spend less time typing and finish registering for next semester’s classes faster!

  2. 2. Backup Classes

    Figure out how many sections of your preferred classes are being offered, and have at least TWO backup CRN codes that fit into your preferred schedule! This way, if any of your first choices of classes are filled, you don’t have to spend any of your valuable registration time searching for another section of that class to register for!

  3. 3. Use Rate My Professors

    Rate My Professors really helps! Read reviews on all possible professors’ teaching styles, workload, tests, and difficulty. It is much better to take an early class with an easier professor rather than taking a class later in the day with a difficult professor!

  4. 4. Check Pre-Requisites

    Be very aware of the requirements for each class! It's very important to make sure you've already taken pre-requisites, and to see if there are any co-requisites you need to take. Registering for a course that you are ineligible for will be very difficult to replace in a way that fulfills your academic requirements while fitting into your schedule.

  5. 5. Be Ready to Register Early

    Know your registration time, and be ready ten minutes early! If course registration opens early, you want to be the first to know. Stay on top of the refresh button and have your CRNs written down and ready to go!

  6. 6. Waitlist

    Figure out who to contact about being added to the waitlist for a certain class if it is offered! This way, if spots open up after registration, you are much more likely to be added to the class!

  7. 7. Meet with Your Advisors

    At the College of Charleston, a registration hold is placed on your account until you have met with all of your assigned advisors. Advising with a knowledgable professor or faculty member can be extremely helpful in providing advice about which classes to take and how to help you achieve your academic, professional, and even personal goals.

  8. 8. Plan Your Future College Classes

    At the College of Charleston, we have something called a Pace Navigator, which essentially allows a student to outline all of the courses they will be taking during each semester of their college career. By doing so, and ensuring you meet all general education and major requirements, you are able to more effectively plan when you should take each class and when. Do this as soon as possible!

  9. 9. Reach out to Older Students

    Unsure if you should take an unfamiliar class, like Russian 101? Talk to upperclassmen in your current classes or clubs! This is incredibly helpful for any class you're planning to take. Upperclassmen will have the “inside scoop” on what to take, which professors to avoid, and how to prepare for the class!

  10. 10. DON'T Stress Out

    Whatever classes you take, you WILL be okay! Utilize campus resources for academic and career planning if you need them. They’ll help you navigate any potential conflicts and provide plenty of advice! Seriously, take advantage of these opportunities!

Course registration is right around the corner and, with these tips, you’re definitely prepared! Good luck, everyone!