Cougars Sweep Homecoming, Royalty Announced

Last Saturday, February 4, was the College of Charleston’s homecoming game (and what a great game it was). The Cougars lead throughout the game and won 71 to 58.

This game marked the end of C of C’s Homecoming Week, which was full of of festivities that included a Pep Rally, dinner at Liberty Street Fresh Food Company (the biggest of the three on-campus dining halls), an air hockey tournament, a boxed cereal drive for a local food bank, Homecoming banner judging, and the women’s basketball game–which they won 79 to 75.

The atmosphere throughout the game was high and lively as many students, alumni, and members of the community came out to cheer on the Cougars. The student section was full of fans decked out in white and maroon, wearing fuzzy hats and body paint to show off their school pride. Before halftime, signs and posters of the men’s basketball players heads’ surfaced the section. The dance and cheer teams helped the crowds become even more spirited with their routines.

The high attendance of students contributed to the high level of school spirit in the student section. The spirit only kept growing when the signs were circulating the crowd. If you were waiting outside of TD Arena, you would definitely hear the student section on their feet yelling loudly and proudly for the Cougs. A student commented how she loved that many alumni came out, as well as members of the community who showed up with their families in tow. Another crowd favorite was none other than our very own and beloved Clyde the Cougar. He could be seen waiting on the sidelines interacting with the crowd and the cheerleaders as the game was going on. During the fun games throughout media breaks, Clyde could be seen dancing along to the music being played by the DJ on the court. A crowd favorite? Clyde’s rendition of JuJu on that Beat. A familiar face was also seen with the DJ on Saturday, CofC’s president Glenn McConnell, who helped spin some sick beats for the listeners.

Students of Charleston also voted for this year’s homecoming king and queen, and for 2017 the winners were Queen Alexis Armour, ’17 of CisternYard Media, and King Donovan Taylor, ’17 of CisternYard Media as well. Students also voted for the Homecoming Prince and Princess. The winners  were Princess Sydney Moreano, ’19 of CisternYard Media, and Prince Jonah Williams, ’20 of SGA. While we did not have celebrities Bill Murray or Matt Czuchry present at the game, it was still a great night for all of the Cougars in attendance!

All photos courtesy of Dani Dudas.