College Dorm Survival Kit

I am a freshman in college and it's super weird. All the sudden you have to cope in a completely new environment, and it can be overwhelming. In my first few weeks of college, I had a debilitating cold, a nightmare roommate, ran my phone through the washing machine, fixed a flooding toilet in my dorm suite and almost cried in a dining hall while listening to Miley Cyrus's "The Climb".

I had a rough start. 


Being a Freshman is no easy task, don’t let Instagram fool you. However, these five random items have improved my life so much. While a dumb household item will not stop you from being an idiot person or having a few difficult months, they can ease the pain. Please enjoy this list of incredibly random things that bring me peace.


1. Tide Pen

I am a mess, but I also love cute things. So, when you spill your black coffee on your white shorts on orientation day (true story), this will come in handy. It’s a tiny little magic stick with laundry stuff inside that will immediately remove stains. My white shorts were pristine again within five minutes of my coffee incident. 

2. Fairy Lights

The first few months of college my bed was lofted. This made lighting sort of an issue as the ground was far away, you know? I hung these up near the ceiling with me and they provided just the right amount of light not to disturb my roommate. They are also cute.

3. Cleaning Supplies

I cannot tell you how much I love my roll of paper towels and my Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray. It gives me just a little more control over my life. Also, it smells nice and fresh.

4. Ear Plugs

These are just a given. Buy earplugs. Do it, right now. If your neighbors decide to throw a huge party on a Tuesday night before your big test, do not fear. I have the wax moldable earplugs from Harris Teeter, and they are incredible.

5. Elderberry Syrup

In my high school Environmental science class, my teacher recommended this. It is a natural syrup that provides a boost for your immune system. Everyone at college is just always sick for some reason. Take a shot or two of this when you are feeling run down and you will feel better, I swear! I am someone who always gets sick no matter the season. This stuff has saved my life on multiple occasions. It is also completely natural which is a huge plus.

Hope this list was helpful to some of you incoming freshman. College is fun but sometimes you need some random stuff to help you on the journey to adulthood.