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Since I was little, I have always enjoyed going to county and state fairs. There’s something so exhilarating about getting on a ride, knowing it could collapse any minute. Or spending your last dollars on rigged games and actually winning something! It is always a good time. To be honest, my favorite part of the fair isn’t just all of that though, it’s the FOOD. Just because the fair is canceled this year doesn’t mean you can’t still experience it! Although you can’t bring the rigged rides and interesting characters to you this fall, you absolutely can bring the deep-fried everything right to your taste buds. And this is how.

Funnel Cake
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Lets just start with my all time favorite. You cannot go to a state fair without getting one of these. Are you the gal who just gets it with powdered sugar? Or are you me with 0 self control who gets the funnel cake deluxe. This includes ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Make it how you want it! Click here for this super easy and delicious recipe.

Caramel Apples
Apples Mixed Kristine Mahan
Kristine Mahan / Spoon

Another staple! Nothing represents fall or state fairs better than a good old caramel apple. These are as simple as it gets, and you can get super creative with how you decorate them! Bonus: you are getting some nutrition from this treat ? Find a guide for these here.

Caramel Corn

Ahhh yes, the official smell of the state fair, besides the horses… The hardest thing to do is walk past the popcorn stand, this year, make it your home. This treat will double as delicious and a sweet fragrance. The recipe is also super easy. All you need is popcorn and the ingredients to coat it! Pop it in the oven and you’re set. The recipe is here.

Deep Fried Oreos
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I think the fair’s motto is that if you deep fry anything, you’ll get a good taste. This is a perfect example of that. If you love Oreos, you will love this treat. Recipe here.


Donut Hamburgers

I can’t say I have tried this one, but I have heard surpisingly positive things. And I always see this concoction at the fairs. If you like salty with sweet, give it a try! Moderation is key….right? 

Fried Butter On a Stick

Yes, you have read that correct. While this is something that I have recently learned about, this ‘treat’ has been around for many years. Popularly known at the Iowa State fair, many people in fact do enjoy this. While I don’t feel confident in reccomending this, it is, as hard as it is to believe, a staple to many state fairs, so here is the recipe if you are as curious as I was.

While it is a bummer that we won’t get to actually experience the fairs this year, I hope you have found something here to satisfy that void. Grab some friends and create your own fried food fair at home! 

Hi, my name is Samantha! I am a senior here at the College of Charleston and am majoring in psychology. My interests include music, beauty, fitness, good food, and the city of Charleston!
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