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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Charleston, or the Holy City, has been renowned for it’s food and culture with local events like the Charleston Food and Wine Festival, Charleston Fashion Week and Charleston Mac Off. It has even been named one of the best cities in the country by Conde Nast for the fifth year in a row.  But what makes it and the College of Charleston so special?  It’s hard to narrow down just one thing about the town or the school that makes it special to us.  But, what we do know that loving this city and college community is as easy as saying ABC, so here are a few of our favorite things about this place we call home.  

A – Arthur Ravenel Bridge

One of the best parts of Charleston’s skyline.

B – [the] Battery

What better place to study or hangout than ocean front at the Battery?

C – Clyde the Cougar

Everyone’s favorite mascot!!!!

D – Division I Athletics

ROLL COUGS! (Because we slay the CAA!)

Photo courtesy of CofC Athletics.

E – East Bay Street

Because where else can you find Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row and the Battery?

F – Fort Sumter

The fort where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

G – Glenn McConnell

CofC alumni and our current president!

H – Harborwalk

It might be a struggle to get there, but you can’t say it isn’t gorgeous.

I – Isle of Palms

Where else would we go on the weekend (besides Folly and Sullivan’s)?

Photo courtesy of Morgan Eppley.

J – John’s Island

The largest island in South Carolina and home to the giant oaks of Angel Oak Park.

K – King Street

For all of our shopping (and eating) needs.

L – Lowcountry

Everyone’s favorite region of South Carolina (and home to our beautiful city).

M – Marion Square Farmer’s Market

What’s more fun than supporting local businesses and eating delicious food?

N – [the] Notebook

One of our claims to fame because it was filmed in and around Charleston!

Photo courtesy of The Notebook.

O – Ocean

Because there are so many beaches in Charleston!

P – Persimmon Cafe

A favorite restaurant among CofC students because of their delicious soups, sandwiches, and custards (which we’ve featured a couple of times because they’re amazing).

Q – Queen Street Grocery

A hidden gem with fantastic food like fresh salads, sandwiches and crepes!  Check out their menu and you will soon be a huge fan too.

R – Randolph Hall

The famous building in our logo and the site of the second oldest classroom in America.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Eppley. 

S – [Charleston] Shuffle

What’s a walk to class without stumbling on our bricks??

T – The Market

THE place to buy all of our friends and parents homemade gifts.

U – Unpredictable weather

There’s nothing that makes your day brighter than leaving class to see that it’s pouring!!!!!!

V – Verde

You might not like salad, but your mind will change after eating one from Verde.

W – Waterfront Park

A park that has literally everything: ocean views, swings and fountains you can “swim in.”

Photo courtesy of Morgan Eppley.

The xyz of CofC is that it’s basically the best school ever and we’re so happy we chose to go here!

Just a Vermonter exploring the Carolinas and trying to find the best sweet tea in the south.