8 Fun Things to do in College that Don't Involve Alcohol

Finding things to do for fun in college can be tricky because there are SO many options. However there is always the issue of alcohol (whether you're 21 or not).  The good news is that if you don't drink at all or just need a break, there are plenty of fun things to do during college that don't involve alcohol. 

1. Shopping

Getting a few friends together to go shop or even just browse can be an amazing experience, especially if you branch out. Consider your personal interests and don't just meander into all those mainstream stores you've been in a thousand times. Whatever you're into, look up nearby stores that cater to your hobbies; your friends will get to know each other better, even if you don't buy anything. 

2. Self Care

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax. Whether you're getting a manicure or just putting on a face mask at home, self care can be fun and beneficial.  Plus, it's a great way to calm down after the stress of a big test or paper.

3. Participate in a club

As cliché as it sounds, getting involved in local clubs and organizations can be extremely fulfilling. You'll make new friends, discover and encourage skills you didn't know you had, and maybe even make a difference in your community.  And, the great thing about college is that if there's not a club that interests you you can start your own!

4. Concerts

Being an expert in the local music scene not only gives you something to brag about, but may actually help you discover amazing new bands and songs you never would've heard on Pandora. Concerts by local bands can be far cheaper than the mega-concerts of pop stars, so they won't break the bank either. While it's true that there will probably be alcohol at the concert, it's certainly not integral to the experience. Finding a new band you enjoy can be intoxicating on its own, especially if you get to see them live with your favorite people.

5. Comedy Stand Up

Just like concerts, comedy stand ups are surprisingly common and can actually be quite cheap if you know where to look. There can postings in local tea shops, on windows or street signs advertising an opportunity to see a cool new comedian you won't want to miss. Laughter is the best medicine and an amazing way to bond with acquaintances and pass a night. 

6. Local Attractions 

Wherever you are, your area is known for something. For some places it's food, others its a beach or harbor. Whatever it is, find it. It's considered a feature of your city for a reason.  Take advantage of the place you are and get to know the city even more.  

7. Movies

Going out to the cinema with friends to see a long expected movie release is always a good time, although sometimes Netflix and a sleepover is just as rewarding. Watching a movie you haven’t seen before can be an enthralling experience, especially when you add in some popcorn and candy.  

8. Find Your Zen

Although it can be a rather solitary activity, finding your passions and beginning to make them a part of your life is hugely important. Whether it’s writing, photography, painting, crafts, or music, having and using creativity to sort through the complex problems in your life is an easy way to create beauty from struggle while enjoying yourself. And if your outlet isn't something creative, find out what it is.  Work out, do yoga, go on a run or find some dogs to pet.  You'll feel centered and more yourself in the long run. 

College is hard, but it doesn't have to be hard to find things to pass the time when you're not in class.  There's so much to do in your city and so much that is there to be explored, go out and find your niche, collegiettes!