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7 Songs to Help You Handle the Craziness of the Coronavirus

The stress and reality of this whole coronavirus, COVID-19, or whatever you want to call it, has probably crept up on you just like it has to me and many people across the nation and the world. BUT, some tunes have helped me destress and realize that everything is going to be okay in the end, despite the circumstances we are in at this very moment. 

Sage and Stone – Avriel & the Sequoias

This song is so dreamy. The group is not well known, but if you know of the first bass singer in Pentatonix, Avi Kaplan, you know the singer featured on the track. After leaving the group, Avi formed a group called Avriel & the Sequoias. The song is the third track, as well as the title track, of their EP, and it features angelic harmonies with stripped-down acoustic instruments to create a folky tone. The rest of the songs on this EP are also bops, and I would recommend listening to them. 

1980s Horror Film – Wallows

My favorite band and favorite boys released this song that captures a one-sided love story from the male perspective with a twist at the end. As a sucker for interesting sound effects, the group brings in different instruments that are quiet, yet surround you as the story is shared. I would recommend this song for calming down or for a little laugh. There is also a second version of the song called “1980s Horror Film II”

20/20 – Gray Lane

This song was produced, written, and sang by my friend from high school. His voice is so amazing, and the production of the song, as well as all of his EP, “20/20”, is so incredible. If you like a raspy voice that is soft yet loud at the same time, check him out. 

Somebody Else – The 1975

This song, by one of my all-time favorite bands, The 1975, is probably one of their best-known. At least for me, it prompts self-reflection. The lyrics talk about not wanting someone but having to think about that someone with somebody else. Getting over people can be hard, but it needs to happen so that happiness can be at the forefront of your life instead of grief. One could also look at the song as a message of wanting to change yourself to be what you want to be. The entire album that this song came from is my favorite from the artist, so check it out!

breathin – Ariana Grande

Do what the song says: “Just keep breathin and breathin and breathin and breathin.” Take a breath and let every possible negative or stressful thing go because you deserve to be happy and content with your life. 

Round – Penelope Isles

A band I have recently discovered because of Wallows, Penelope Isles has such a psychedelic, dreamy sound in all of their songs. Once you start listening to them, the angelic voice of the lead singer as well as the incredible harmonies between all four members of the band take over your mind and you won’t be able to get them out of your head. Anyway, this song is on this list because it’s about checking on your friends to make sure they’re doing okay; you know, since we’ve all been split apart by this virus. 

Can I Call You Tonight? – Dayglow

A song that can hype you up because it is highkey a bop, while also wiping your worries away. Honestly, this is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I listen to it in every circumstance. You could be having, like, a mini-party in your room while your friends are on a mass Facetime like you are back with them at college. Or you could be in the middle of your e-learning and need something to calm you down and simultaneously motivate you to get all of your workload done.

If you really liked these songs, I have a playlist on Spotify called “breathe” that you should check out! I hope you enjoy these tracks and that they can give you some much-needed peace.

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