50 Years of Feminism

In the 1970s, the women’s liberation movement paved the way for several influential women to make their mark on the world.  Women were able to gain access to birth control and were finally in control of their reproductive rights. Title IV granted equality to women and girls in education and in sports.  Feminists like Gloria Steinem and Audre Lorde stood up for women’s rights and racial inequalities. The accomplishments of women 50 years ago still impact our lives today, but there is a long way to go.

“The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day, a movement is only people moving.” -Gloria Steinem

As college-aged women, we owe it to ourselves not to be complacent with our lives.  We owe it to the women who came before us and for generations to come to work hard and continue to push for the equality that we are entitled to.  Someone’s sex should not degrade them or make them any less of a person than another.

The feminist movement has come a long way in the past 50 years; however, we still have a far way to go.  Until women are fully equal with men there will still be work to be done. Until we can go home from college without being berated with questions about marriage and babies, there will still be work to be done.  

If we as women, work hard together, we can push legislation for equal pay, equal rights, and anti-sexual harassment laws pertaining to online use.  Until an amendment similar to the ERA is passed, it will be almost impossible for women to obtain full socioeconomic equality. It is essential that we remain focused on the cause that has driven us this far and continue to stand up for ourselves and push for reform.  The #MeToo movement was an amazing start but it is just a start. Movements evolve with time and they are only as strong as the people guiding them.