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5 Things in My College Apartment That Just Make Sense

An Ottoman but No Couch

Upon entering the home, you might notice an abundance of couch cushions stacked up in the far corner, next to a little blue ottoman. My roommates and I have been waiting for our couch to arrive for the past two weeks. In the meantime, however, we have been using the ottoman and the cushions to (somewhat) comfortably watch Grey’s Anatomy every night.


2 Worms on a String

If you head upstairs and you happen to look up, you would see two fuzzy worms hanging around the exterior of the bathroom door. One is a lovely shade of rose while the other is as blue as the Caribbean Sea. They offer a friendly greeting to any bathroom-goer or someone just looking for some fuzzy friends.


Bed Risers Holding Potatoes

Back downstairs in the kitchen (my favorite room in ANY house), that’s where we store our root vegetables: potatoes and onions. As those veggies have to be stored in a dark, cool place, we keep them in 6-inch bed risers in our lower cabinets. Innovation that excites. We had no other means of storage, so we flipped some extra bed risers over and it fit perfectly.


A Singular Can of Baked Beans

Also in the kitchen sits, all alone, one can of Maple-Bacon flavored Baked Beans. A gift sent to me from the boy. Self-explanatory. 


Penis Magnet with Wings

In my room, on my magnetic whiteboard and next to all of my **normal** magnets, is a lowly golden penis with wings. One of my friends went to Italy (Pre-Corona) and brought me back a little golden penis magnet. It holds up all of my most important papers.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of all the important parts of my home. Have a great semester.

Hey y'all! I moved to Charleston from a little town in New Jersey, and before you go "NeW JoYsEE", no. I don't talk like that. I have a sense of humor and I am very open about myself; you can live my life by reading what I write. I love long walks on the beach, coffee all day long, poetry, photography, and a whole lot more. Thank you so much for coming to my page. I really hope my writing speaks to you, helps you, or just makes you laugh. (:
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