5 Things to Do After Exams

The spring semester has officially come to an end.  You've probably avoided doing a lot during your finals induced hibernation, but don't worry now is your time to catch up on some much needed you time (or you know things like chores).  Treat yourself and live it up because you're done!

1. Clean Your Room

Celebrate the end of exams by fixing some of the mess you made studying. It helps make everything...final.

2. Eat Out

You deserve better than delivery pizza and take-out. Treat yo'self.

3. Go Out

Party like school wasn't your focus for the past 10 months.

4. Beach Trip

Show off the fact that you're done and make all your other friends jealous (especially if they had to go home to a place where there isn't a beach). 

5. Sleep

Sleeping for 14 hours is the only true way to end finals, right?