5 Festive Fall Baking Ideas

Fall. When the leaves change colors and the autumn air is crisp, that's when we know that the season is upon us. We love jumping into piles of leaves, layering up our clothes and finally wearing scarves and boots, and picking out which type of candy or caramel apple we want to try. But the best part of fall may not be any of that, it may be the delicious and festive treats we bake! It's boring and repetitive to bake the same fall desserts all the time, so we're always looking for new recipes to add to our collection. Baking is comforting: it'll help you get over a breakup or mend a failed friendship. It's also relaxing as it's a great way to de-stress when you have way too much homework or too many things on your to-do list. Whether you're more into cookies or brownies, pies or cakes, these 5 delicious and creative fall desserts will have you wanting more!

1. Pumpkin Pie Dippers

Photo courtesy of Delish.com 

Pumpkin pie is my favorite fall treat, so when I found this recipe I was ecstatic. Pumpkin pie wrapped up in a roll and dipped into warm caramel sauce? Yes please!

2. Samoa Apple Slices 

Photo courtesy of Delish.com

Okay, this looks like a giant Girl Scout cookie but it's homemade, which sounds like perfection to us. You'll get a mix between crunch with the apple and gooey, chewy goodness with the caramel and chocolate. 

3. Chocolate Apple Pops 

Photo courtesy of Delish.com

Remember when you were a kid and went to the fair or carnival and got a candy or caramel apple? Remember how you couldn't decide between candy or caramel? Well now you can have both, becuase this apple pop has everthing you need: chocolate, caramel, pretzels, sprinkles, and M&Ms. This pop is a great size, too, becuase it's not too big that it's hard to eat it, but not too small that you'll want more. 

4. Banana Oat Cookies 

Photo courtesy of Delish.com

Calling all you banana lovers! Fall is not all about pumpkins, you know. There's a wide array of fruits to choose from to incorporate into your baking, and bananas are my favorite. I'm crazy about bananas: they can be used as a substitute for just about anything and their taste is so disntict but yummy. I actually found this recipe over the summer and started making these cookies for breakfast for my mom and I. They don't look like it but they're actually healthy becuase they have bananas and oats. The recipe provided is great, but I like making mine with just bananas, oats and peanut butter. 

5. Cheesecake-Stuffed Snickerdoodles 

Photo courtesy of Delish.com

Who doesn't love snickerdoodles and cheesecake? Both are amazing on their own, but when you combine them together you get pure joy. The crunch from the outside of the cookie and warm gooiness from the inside will have you feeling out of this world. Really cookies should be just that: hard on the outside but soft on the inside. 

Your fall go-to baking routine doesn't have to be boring with these 5 new recipes to choose from! Follow the recipes listed and add them to your fall recipe book, or try substituting or adding an ingredient to experience something new. There's no better time to bake when you're stressed, want to relax, or are happy or sad. So put your apron on and let's get baking!