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4 Tips on How to Survive Exam Season

As a freshman, I’m preparing for my first (of 8) round of finals. Here are a few tips that I’m already putting into action that I want to share with you.

1. Don’t stop using your planner

I know when I get close to the end of the semester, I start pretending that I can remember everything that is due. But, after many years of doing this exact thing, I know it does not help. Assignments will be forgotten, and deadlines will approach without warning. One important thing is to always write down assignments as soon as you get them, and make constant reminders until the deadline.

2. Don’t let yourself sleep in

Every time you wake up late for class, the rush to get there on time starts to wear on you, especially at the end of the year. Try to pack your bag the night before and be sure to give yourself enough time in the morning to compose yourself. You’ll feel better and more prepared.

3. Don’t skip class

This one seems obvious, but as the semester flies by, it is imperative to attend class. These last few weeks will hold so much important information. Specifically, review sessions. Going to class will assure that you will have all the proper material to ace all your finals!

4. Don’t forget to sleep and eat

When you’re busy and cramming for exams, it’s easy to forget about your health. But while you’re studying for hours on end, it’s still very important to make time to eat and sleep. While it seems a full night’s rest is too much to ask, naps are a good solution for in between study sessions. Please, please don’t pull all-nighters. There are even areas in the dining halls during certain times of day where you can study alone quietly, so there is no excuse to not get a meal in when you need one.


Mallory Berry is an English major at the College of Charleston with a concentration in writing, rhetoric, and publication. When not at random coffee shops doing homework, she can be found either binge-watching shows on Netflix or exploring Charleston.
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