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If there’s one thing I hate about growing up, it’s skincare. I have been dealing with sensitive skin for as long as I can remember, and it felt like a losing battle with acne any time I tried to fight it. Some treatments would work for a short time and I’d revel in clear skin galore! Then I’d soon be back to square one with pimples all over my face. I still deal with breakouts on a daily basis, but I have learned some things that make it a little easier to deal with.

The Obvious Stuff
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We often hear the same things over and over. “Wash your face every morning and night to keep a routine.” Whether you like it or not, it’s true. You can maybe get away with one night, but two nights can cause your face to overproduce oil since the dirt in your pores is stuck in there. My mom constantly told me, “You need to be patient. Skincare doesn’t work overnight.” Patience is something that takes self-control. To help encourage your self, take pictures of your face once a week or more if you want to see your progress over time.

10-15 Minutes of Having a Different Face

Once a week, I try to do a mask to help give my face a nice deep clean. I think of it as a treat myself sort of night. Reward your skin with a deep clean, and it will feel happy. There are thousands of different masks out there. How do you know which one is right for you? There are a couple of things to consider. Think about how sensitive your skin is and what areas of the face need treating. If you are someone who tries to avoid chemicals and looking for all-natural, there are plenty of options for you! Many people have started creating masks that are all-natural for their brand. Some masks you can make right at home with common household foods. Don’t be scared to try new masks out!!

Changing Your Diet

I am someone who has a big sweet tooth…which results in a mess for my face the next day. In my fight with acne, I’m constantly being careful of my diet to help my skin. Foods such as desserts, dairy, gluten, and others are all delicious but are known to trigger breakouts. Try doing a trial run for a week or so to test what foods could be causing your breakouts. Cut one thing out individually and then make a plan once you have tried all possibilities. Now don’t cut the food out of your diet completely unless you want or have to. Just try to eat the trigger foods in small doses and have a cheat day every now and then. Everyone deserves a nice slice of chocolate cake every now and then.

My Success

As I have said, I have grown up trying lots of treatments. I want to share some of the things that have helped me over the years. Differin was a cream that helped me through my worst years of acne. It is strong and will cause bad breakouts for a couple of weeks while your face gets used to it, but it works great. The product is meant to shed the layers of skin in the areas that need to be treated. Use it two to three times a week consistently for as long as you need. You can go to Walmart or Target and buy it off the shelf.

Merle Norman is a brand that is geared towards sensitive skin. While the products can be expensive, a little goes a long way. Many other brands can do the job, but this is the brand that has worked best for me. Your doctor can tell you many options that could work for you. 

My latest success in Indigo Wild’s Zum Bar. It is an all-natural soap that uses goat’s milk in the bar. There are many different scents, and each one has a benefit to your skin. This has worked so well for me that I use the soap to wash my face and then just put on my moisturizer. You can find them online and at Harris Teeter. 

I hope you find success in your own fight against acne. Feel free to share your tips and success with others. Many will appreciate it! No matter what you try or what the results are, you are beautiful. Don’t look in the mirror and try to find the problems you see in yourself. Love who you are and how you look. You have a beauty that is your own that no one can match

Katherine Jordan is a student at the College of Charleston. Her interests include music, writing, history, and more. She has grown up in several different places and can tell a lot of random facts from basic health to Disney to world history.
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